In normal circumstances a major economic set piece such as the Spring statement or Budget would be a central political event.  That yesterday's Spring statement does not attract such focus reflects both the dominance of the parliamentary "theatre" surrounding Brexit and the lack of original economic thinking within the UK Government.

The following is a brief update on 2018-19 NICS Pay Negotiations.  The first formal meeting on NICS pay was held this morning with Management Side.

NIPSA robustly set out our position and the rationale for our pay claim as follows:

NIPSA's Civil Service Executive Committee have considered the current and ongoing Transformation of NICS ICT Services and have a range of concerns about the provision of ICT Services in the NICS and the impact of centralisation on Departments.

Please find attached a consultation document covering two issues as follows:

NIPSA lodged the following pay claim for NICS members on 20 September following the member consultation carried out over the summer months and consideration by the Civil Service Group Executive Committee.

The NIPSA Civil Service Group Annual Delegate Conference Agenda 2018 ...