Further to article posted on on 27 May I am writing to advise that the Minister has written to me advising that following our meeting and his consideration of the points we made at the meeting and taking into account the response from the FDA and the industrial unions GMB and Unite who indicated acceptance of the offer he has decided to impose the pay offer as detailed in the NIPSA Bulletin issued on 20 April 2021.

Effectively this will mean, with the exception of the AA and analogous grade (who will receive a 1% increase and a 3% non-consolidated payment), the majority of civil servants will receive a 1% consolidated increase and a 1% non-consolidated payment with effect from 1 August 2020. In addition, a 1% increase will be also be implemented effective from 1 August 2021 with an additional 3% non-consolidated payment for the AA an analogous grade.

NIPSA did manage to secure additional scale shortening which was one element of our claim. Therefore, all scales from AA to Grade 6 will be shortened by one point.

The details of the offer, which will be imposed by the Minister, is set out in the article posted on 20 April . I understand it is intended that civil servants will receive the arrears and uplift in pay due from 1 August 2020 in their July salaries. At this point in time it is unclear when the 2021 increase will be implemented. NIPSA understands this is unlikely at this stage to be implemented in the August salaries although I am seeking to confirm this position.

I appreciate members will be extremely frustrated, angry and disappointed that the Minister did not listen to the affordable arguments put forward by NIPSA on your behalf.

NIPSA’s Civil Service Executive Committee are due to meet on 14 June and will consider in more detail the Minister’s response.

Alison Millar
General Secretary