DfC TUS have been engaged with DfC management regarding the impact that any planned protests may have on those members required to attend their workplace.

While the majority of DfC staff are on leave or working from home this week, some members are still attending their office and as such, could get caught up in any planned protests whether at their office or travelling between their office and home. It has been agreed that all DfC staff attending their workplace will leave at 4.00pm today helping to avoid any planned protests. Also, there will be no overtime in offices this weekend although some staff may be able to avail of overtime by working from home if that option is available. Given the potential for this situation to develop over the weekend, I will continue to engage with management about any arrangements required for next week but hopefully this will not be needed.

Any queries, please raise with local TUS and local management in the first instance but you can contact your seconded officer or myself if needed.

Dooley Harte
Assistant Secretary