NIPSA the largest public sector trade union in Northern Ireland today responded to the press articles which stated that civil servants received up to 6% pay rises for virtually every NI civil servant over the last year.

NIPSA’s General Secretary, Alison Millar stated:

“NIPSA wishes to correct the article which is wholly inaccurate and misleading. The reality of the situation is that NI Civil Servants in the main received a 2% consolidated increase in their rate of pay this followed many years of no increase or a 1% increase since 2010. The facts are that hard working civil servants have borne the brunt of austerity over the past 10 years. Civil Servants in the NICS deliver vital public services and their salaries have fallen considerably over the last 10 years with years of below inflation pay increases, higher workloads and cuts to pension and higher pension contributions.

Civil Servants have put their shoulder to the wheel over the last number of years, particularly when the assembly was not operating for 3 years and have worked through this year with additional pressures as a result of Covid 19, ensuring that the ever increasing numbers of individuals unfortunately being made unemployed receive their state benefits, including universal credit, delivered the grants to the small and medium sized business and continued to prepare for the EU Exit which has been very challenging. These are just some of the issues that civil servants have dealt with over the last year.”

So the facts are that in 2019 the main Civil Service pay grades increased by 2% and not 5.8%. The reason for the overall increase in median pay across the NICS is that there has been a shift in the overall grade profile in the NICS which has moved the median from the top of the EO2 pay-scale upwards to a point between the EO2 and EO1 pay-scales.