Further to earlier communications on the 2020/21 NICS Pay claim lodged at the beginning of August I can confirm that the Management Side have signalled that they are now ready to commence negotiations with TUS on the 2020/21 claim. As members will recall the claim submitted was for

   -   An above inflation pay increase on pay and allowances from AA to Grade 6
   -   An element of pay restoration to address the loss of pay since 2010
   -   Further scale shortening on all grades AA to Grade 6.

NIPSA has been pressing for early engagement on the above claim and while we did meet with Management Side on 25 August to set out our claim in detail, unfortunately the Management Side indicated that until the Minister cleared a remit they would not be in a position to engage with us. This has been a frustrating period, but I want to assure members that the issue of pay is a key issue for NIPSA and we will be pressing for an early and meaningful increase which rewards civil servants for their fortitude during these difficult times.
A further bulletin will be issued in due course.

Alison Millar
General Secretary