Following consultation with NIPSA the Department for Communities had indicated that they would be required to fill around 400 Fixed Term Contract posts at EO2 level to fulfil the projected significant demand for Work Coaches as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic and the anticipated increase in Universal Credit claims from the large volume of redundancies expected to occur over the coming months.

NIPSA made strong representations to seek to have at least a proportion of these posts fill on a permanent basis. Following negotiations, I can advise that we were successful in securing 100 of these posts on a permanent basis which will be carried out as a NICS wide trawl. The trawl will be issued on Monday 28 September 2020. I wish to draw our members attention to this trawl notice which will be a promotion opportunity for permanent Administrative Assistant and Administrative Officer staff across the NICS that meet the essential criteria.

I hope that many members will apply for these promotion opportunities and I wanted to highlight this to ensure as many members as possible became aware of this forthcoming opportunity.

Alison Millar
General Secretary