Following consultation with members and agreement by the Civil Service Group Executive the pay claim, as previously advised, was lodged on 3 August 2020. The claim was for:-

  • An above inflation pay increase on pay and allowances;
  • Pay restoration to address the pay loss since 2010; and
  • Further scale shortening on all pay scales.

The first meeting with Management Side took place on 25 August 2020 and at that meeting NIPSA fully laid out the detail of our claim, our expectations for the negotiations and the clear expectations from our members that terms and conditions cannot be traded for a pay increase.

The Management Side indicated that they had not received a pay remit from the Finance Minister to allow for substantive negotiations to commence, but that they had heard and understood the points raised by NIPSA and that this would assist them in putting together information for the Minister to consider before he would make a decision about the negotiating parameters in which the negotiations could commence.

NIPSA has also made it very clear that we are prepared to engage in substantive negotiations with a view to reaching an agreement but that these negotiations cannot be dragged out month after month. We are prepared to set aside whatever time it takes to make progress on our claim and have urged the Management Side to get their authorities from the Minister to commence our negotiations urgently. We stand ready to commence those negotiations.

As soon as I have any further information a further bulletin will be issued.

Alison Millar
General Secretary