Further to previous correspondence on the above issue I am delighted to advise Branches and members who have Agency Workers within our membership that we have achieved an excellent and significant victory for Agency Workers.

Over the last number of years Agency Workers who had the requisite service should have received incremental pay progression, the same as a permanent member of staff. Initially in Departments the Management Side refused to acknowledge this issue. It was only when this issue was escalated through the NIPSA channels and NIPSA engaged with NICS HR on the issue that eventually a resolution was found and it was accepted that Agency Workers were entitled to be treated for pay progression purposes the same as permanent members of staff.

I can now confirm that after many months of pressing this issue that it has today been confirmed that it is anticipated that payments should be made to Agency Workers from 12 June 2020 through to early July.

Any Premiere People Agency workers should liaise directly with Premiere People in July if they have not received a payment and believe they are entitled to back pay.

As always you can seek advice from your local NIPSA representatives.

This is a massive victory for NIPSA and Agency Workers. Please published this widely and use as a recruitment tool to recruit Agency Workers. We have made massive progress on the issue of Agency Workers over the past 12 months and we are now starting to see benefits.

Alison Millar
General Secretary