From 1 April 2020 cleaning staff previously employed by Noonan transferred to Aramark.

Many of these staff are NIPSA members and NIPSA has continued to represent them through a number of TUPE transfers. Some of these staff are in fourth or fifth generation transfers, which I am sure you will appreciate is a stressful event every three years as the various external cleaning contractors seek to cut the hours of staff.

In the last few weeks Aramark has commenced a consultation process with NIPSA on seeking, in some areas, to reduce cleaning hours and in some instances this would mean a number of cleaning staff being made redundant. NIPSA is robustly challenging this with Aramark.

NIPSA raised this issue centrally at a meeting last week with NICSHR, given our concerns that where buildings are open the cleaning regime needs to be increased to ensure staff are protected in the current pandemic. NICSHR have agreed to liaise with Central Procurement Division (CPD) on this issue as this is a major health and safety issue. It is anticipated that at some stage other civil service buildings will re-open and cleaning regimes in those buildings will be critical as well as other measures to ensure our members stay safe while delivering vital public services.

In the meantime, it is absolutely essential that when buildings start to re-open, at some stage in the future, that a joint health and safety risk assessment takes place and that cleaning regimes are at the heart of that process.

Any branch seeking further information should contact their Seconded Official in the first instance.

Alison Millar
General Secretary