Members, below copy of a letter sent from the General Secretary to Mr Conor Murphy MLA Finance Minister, 18 May. 


Dear Minister

I wrote to you on 21 March 2020 regarding the above, on foot of the welcome announcement by the Deputy First Minister that Health Workers who took strike action over the December/January period will have their strike pay deduction reinstated.

As you are aware many civil servants are key workers and have continued to deliver vital public services either remotely or in the workplace over the period of the current pandemic. I am disappointed that to date I have not received a response to your letter. While I appreciate as Minister you have many issues to deal with in the current situation I am sure you will appreciate NIPSA members are anxious to hear if they will be treated with the same degree of respect and value as Health Service Workers.

I would reiterate the views expressed in my letter of 21 March 2020 that civil servants are key workers and have ensured that Ministers have been able to continue to deliver many vital public services. I am sure you will appreciate that members are asking their union about a response to this letter which they are expecting a positive response to.

I am more than content to engage with you or your officials on this matter if that would assist progressing this matter, although I accept that this matter is something that you would need to take to the NI Executive.

Yours sincerely

Alison Millar
General Secretary