Further to my article of 23 April, this short note is to advise you that the Civil Service Executive Committee met on Wednesday to consider the consultation responses in relation to the 2019/20 pay offer.

The Executive Committee concluded that the responses from branches could not be regarded as representative of members’ views because a significant majority of branches had been unable to carry out a consultation due to the Covid-19 restrictions and could not, therefore, provide a response. Some branches did respond with figures for members’ votes but the majority of them caveated their result by saying it was not necessarily a true reflection of members’ views as branch representatives had not been able to contact all their members or to address the concerns and questions raised by members.

The Management Side has been advised that because we were unable to consult properly we were unable to obtain a true mandate from our members and, therefore, NIPSA can neither accept nor reject the 2019/20 pay offer.

Carmel Gates
Deputy General Secretary