I am pleased to advise that the Management Side have indicated that those Agency Workers who should have been awarded an incremental pay increase due to their length of service in the NICS will have this paid within the next 2 weeks. This will apply to 512 agency workers. This is a significant victory for NIPSA who pressed this issue on behalf of the many agency workers who had been denied their rights.

When hundreds of Agency Workers supported their permanent colleagues and walked out in support of the strike action undertaken by NIPSA members in permanent posts we promised them we would do everything we could to thank them for their support. We have now met those promises by securing a permanent Administrative Officer competition and now securing incremental progression for Agency Workers.

Branches should now advise agency workers of this victory and use it as a recruitment tool both for existing agency workers and for new permanent staff when they are appointed arising out of the permanent Administrative Officer competition. This clearly demonstrates the benefit of trade union membership.

Alison Millar
General Secretary