Access to NICS Equal Pay Settlement

We advise members that NIPSA has sought meetings with the new Ministers for Finance and Justice, in order to try and secure an early resolution for those staff formerly in PANI/PSNI and the NIO and now mainly employed by the Department of Justice.

In writing to the Minsters it has been made clear that the members and NIPSA remain totally resolved to bring about a firm and just settlement to this long outstanding matter.  NIPSA has pointed out the political will of the NI Assembly to find a resolution and also that there is no legal impediment to a resolution of the matter.

I hope I will be able to write to you again, sooner rather than later hopefully, to advise of progress on the matter.  I can assure you however, despite some commenting on social media, that NIPSA is as determined as ever to bring about a positive conclusion to this matter.

Bumper Graham

Deputy General Secretary