I am seeking branch views on the content of the 2016 NI Civil Service pay claim, I am writing to advise the NIPSA Civil Service Group Executive Committee met on Tuesday, 19 July 2016 to consider the matter further.

The Executive Committee wishes to thank all those branches that responded with their views.

The Executive Committee discussed the range of views expressed by branches and noted that the vast majority of branches who responded endorsed the claim drafted by the Executive Committee. It was therefore agreed to submit the claim to the NI Civil Service Management Side.

The 2016 NI Civil Service claim is as follows:

  1. A 3% increase on all points of all pay scales including the maximum points.
  2. Scale shortening to move in the 2016/17 year to a 3 point pay scale with the longer term view of moving to a single pay point (the maximum of the scale) for each grade.
  3. Those on the maximum should receive a consolidated increase of either a percentage or value amount.
  4. Anyone on temporary promotion should be guaranteed an increase of not less than the quantum applied to all other staff.

The claim has now been submitted to the NI Civil Service Management Side and we have requested an early meeting to discuss our claim.

Branches will be kept informed of progress and developments.

Alison Millar

General Secretary