NIPSA met with Sue Gray, Permanent Secretary, DOF on Monday together with the Industrial Unions.  Jointly Trade Union Side made it clear that the current offer of 1.25% was totally unacceptable and fell well below our expectations.  As members are aware inflation (CPI) is 2% so for the ninth year in a row Civil Servants are receiving a pay cut in real terms. 

In a letter received this morning NIPSA have been advised that the offer will be imposed.  This is a cynical attempt to undermine the industrial action ballot which also launches today. 

I believe this will further demonstrate to members that the Management Side and the NICS Board do not believe their staff deserve a decent above inflation pay increase.  Civil Servants are continually expected to do more with less – this cannot continue. 

Therefore members should demonstrate loud and clear – Enough is Enough and vote ‘Yes’ for Strike Action and ‘Yes’ for Action Short of Strike Action. 

You should receive your ballot paper by 11/12 June.  Please return your ballot paper immediately. 

Alison Millar 
General Secretary