Yesterday, the Head of the Northern Ireland Civil Service issued a communication to all staff advising that the embargo on recruitment and substantive promotion, which has been in place since November 2014, has been lifted. While this is a welcome development there are a number of issues which NIPSA will wish to pick up with Management Side regarding the impact that this will have particularly as members move into the new 9 Departments.

NIPSA is acutely aware of the impact VES has had on members and with almost 3,000 posts out of the system this is having a significant impact on the delivery of service. Members are reminded that this is a health, safety and wellbeing issue and members should not take on additional work because of the impact of VES.

In the Head of the NI Civil Service communication he points out that the lifting of the embargo is unlikely to result in significant number of staff being posted quickly from existing lists nor is there likely to be an immediate high volume of new recruitment/promotion competitions. NIPSA have sought a meeting to clarify the issues that this raises and once this meeting has taken place a further bulletin will be issued

Alison Millar

General Secretary