The NIPSA Civil Service Group Executive Committee met on Friday 7 July to consider the content of the 2017 NICS pay claim following consultation with branches. The Executive Committee wishes to thank all those branches that responded to the consultation. The Civil Service Executive Committee decided that the pay claim should contain the following elements:

  1. A 5% increase on all points of all pay scales including the maximum points;
  2. A 5% increase on all allowances;
  3. Further scale shortening on all pay scales; Address the issue of the
  4. AA/AO single grade; and Explore the issue of a single EOII/EOI grade which would be the subject of a separate consultation with members in both grades.

In deciding on the elements of the claim the Executive Committee was aware that members have received a well below inflation increase over the past number of years. In considering the responses received from branches the Executive Committee was fully aware that the general thrust was that members would not accept a below inflation increase nor would they accept another 1% pay increase. It was clear that members have had enough and wish their union NIPSA to press hard for a meaningful pay increase which will restore some of the lost pay over the past 7 years.

As part of the campaign and in advance of lodging the pay claim, NIPSA has commenced a campaign of opposition to the Public Sector Pay Cap. It is therefore essential that all members take this opportunity to write to their MP’s and MLA’s to reject the pay cap – which is no longer (if it ever was) fit for purpose. NIPSA members in the NI Civil Service and across the public sector deserve a decent pay increase.

In view of the evolving position around the public sector pay cap and the wider political environment it was considered that NIPSA should submit a one year pay claim limited to the 2017/18 year.

The claim has now been submitted to the NI Civil Service Management Side and we have requested an early meeting to discuss our claim.

Given there is no Assembly in place there may be difficulties in the Management Side seeking a remit to commence negotiations. NIPSA will however be pressing for negotiations to commence as members pay cannot be held up because of the political impasse.

Alison Millar

General Secretary