NIPSA's Civil Service Executive Committee have considered the current and ongoing Transformation of NICS ICT Services and have a range of concerns about the provision of ICT Services in the NICS and the impact of centralisation on Departments.

Given the NICS Board had already approved this project at a high level NIPSA has sought to meet directly with the NICS Board to raise our concerns and objections.  NIPSA has made it clear in a letter to the Head of the Civil Service that a halt to the project should take place so that a full and meaningful assessment can be made on the impact centralisation will have on Departments in the delivery of their business.

It is important branches and members are made aware that NIPSA have serious reservations over the direction of travel of this project and we have taken the unusual step of writing directly to the Head of the Civil Service given our concerns.

Please make your members aware of this circular.  Members will be kept informed of developments via further Branch Secretary circulars.

Alison Millar

General Secretary