If you encounter a problem in the course of your employment NIPSA will be glad to help you resolve it. You can help us by:

  1. keeping copies of all correspondence;
  2. taking notes of all important points;
  3. following the steps below.
What you should do.

First: discuss the problem with your immediate line manager (unless the circumstances are such that this step is inadvisable).

Second: if you cannot meet your line manager, or he or she does not resolve the problem, consult your local NIPSA representatives or Branch Secretary.

The names of Branch Secretaries are at the back of the latest Annual Report or may be obtained by contacting NIPSA Headquarters at 54 Wellington Park, Belfast BT9 6DP, telephone 028 9066 1831 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

What NIPSA can do for you.

Your local representative or Branch Secretary will usually have the following courses open to him or her:

  1. to advise you on how to raise the matter again with your line manager with or without his or her assistance;
  2. to advise you on how to take the matter up at a higher level and where they apply, how to invoke the relevant procedure e.g. greivence or disciplinary procedures;
  3. on your behalf, to take the matter up himself or herself with management.

If the problem cannot be resolved at local level your local representative may refer the matter to the union official who looks after your members. The appropriate official may be either a member seconded to NIPSA on a full or part-time basis who works in an office of your employer, or a member of the union’s headquarters staff. In cases of real urgency, action can be initiated by telephone. Even then a written account of the problem should follow immediately. In this way priorities can best be determined and the interests of all members protected.