The NIPSA Health Panel met on 11 March 2021 to discuss the Government’s proposed 1% pay increase to the NHS Pay Review Body for Health Workers. The Panel was unanimous in the view that this is an insult to health workers who have carried the fight against Covid-19 over the last year and we now need to move into a campaign to challenge this attack on our members. 

The NIPSA claim is for 15%, justified by the historic pay freezes and below inflation pay rises given within the NHS over the last 10 years, and a 1% rise, coming on the back of a huge outpouring of political and public support is insulting.   

The likelihood is that we will end up in a pay dispute and wider Health and Local Branch campaigning will begin to inform and prepare members for the potential of Industrial Action if this decision is not changed. 

NIPSA’s aim is to work collectively with the other Health Unions and there are plans for joint activity on 1st April 2021 which are currently being discussed and further information will follow on after these talks have concluded. 

The Health Panel had also agreed that the permanent removal of Car Parking Charges is to be taken forward again, as the Health Ministers’ decision to suspend parking charges across the various HSC sites comes to an end on 31 March 2021.  Safe Staffing also remains as a high priority issue for NIPSA and discussions are ongoing about how to ensure this continues to be addressed.         

We will also want to hear your thoughts on all of these matters. NIPSA Headquarters is working on membership data to ensure that members working from home are receiving all information from NIPSA at this vital time. 

The Health Panel would encourage members to inform NIPSA HQ that they wish to receive any correspondence from NIPSA to their home address so they can be kept informed of all developments. 

This must be carried out by the individual member.

They can do this by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. quoting their name, address (home or work) and their home address if they wish to change their correspondence address to home. In addition, NIPSA is seeking to also gather as much other information from members as possible, including personal email address and mobile numbers (so that text messages can be sent) to update members on important information.

I will be in touch once there are any further developments. If you have any queries on any of these issues, please contact your Branch Secretary.

Maria Morgan
Assistant Secretary