Further to the previous HSC Pay article dated 27 August 2020. At that time members were advised that the Health Central Panel had met and after consideration of views agreed the NIPSA pay claim would be:

A flat rate increase of £3,000 or a percentage increase of 15%, whichever is higher for any pay point.

This information had been forwarded on to the Trade Union side of the NHS staff council, to feed into the deliberations on the various positions coming from the NHS Trade Unions and to contribute to the debate.

Since then we are aware that our colleagues in the other Health Unions have published their positions and Unite the Union in health are also claiming 15% or £3,000, whichever is greater. We will continue to liaise with the other unions on these matters.

NIPSA believe that our claim is what our members deserve and that it will be a step towards the elimination of poverty pay and to uplift members who did not receive an above inflation pay rise earlier this year.

It will begin to restore lost pay after years of austerity when members have seen real pay cuts of up to 20%.

In our view, it demonstrates the value of our members and the work they do across Health and Social Care and how they have worked under pressure for us all, during unprecedented times since March in the Covid-19 pandemic. We are now asking for that to be paid back in recognition of the workforce.

NIPSA have joined with the other Health Unions to campaign to “Bring Forward” the April 2021 implementation date so members get their pay uplift sooner, that also is what you deserve.

The NIPSA Health Panel will build our Pay campaign over the coming weeks and we ask that you share this bulletin across your branches. As pay discussions develop we will email follow up information to keep you involved.

Maria Morgan
Assistant Secretary