This article is to advise you that discussions have started with the Department of Health and HSC Employers on 2019-2020 Pay.  You will be aware that NIPSA is involved with the other unions in Health in the negotiations and you may have seen the recent joint communication in relation to the current discussions.

I wish to reassure you that NIPSA's position is being taken forward in these discussions on all aspects of pay.  NIPSA's objective will be to achieve a fair and decent pay uplift for our members in line with NIPSA policy.  I can confirm that at all stages I will consult with the Health Central Panel, taking account of concerns raised previously in respect of the 2018-19 pay imposition and associated issues.

I have consulted with the Chairperson of the Health Panel on the content of this Bulletin.  We will keep members informed of progress over the next couple of months as meetings occur with Management Side.

Maria Morgan
Assistant Secretary