Trade Union Joint Secretaries met yesterday to clarify and consider the status of discussions on pay and the A4c refresh.  We put clear views on how and on what basic discussions would continue.  We set specific parameters and tasks that must be completed by the Department of Health if progress towards acceptable pay uplift is to be achieved.  

We are awaiting early confirmation that next steps are agreed that will allow detailed discussions to continue over the summer months.      

Anne Speed
Maria Morgan
Kevin McAdam
Lead Joint Secretary 
Joint Secretary 
 Trade Union Chairperson

Further to the article posted on 3rd May Pay Update for Members I wish to update you on the pay discussions with the Department of Health and the Trusts and further to the NIPSA Health and Pay Sub Committee meeting on 6 June 2019 to discuss our strategy.

This article is to advise you that discussions have started with the Department of Health and HSC Employers on 2019-2020 Pay.  You will be aware that NIPSA is involved with the other unions in Health in the negotiations and you may have seen the recent joint communication in relation to the current discussions.

On behalf of the HSC Central Panel and its HSC Pay Policy Sub-Group, it was agreed to update members on the various developments that have occurred in relation to pay for the year 18/19 and prospects for years 19/20 and 20/21.

NIPSA has written to its 9,500 members working within the HSC in Northern Ireland, canvassing whether they would be prepared to be balloted formally on industrial action over the continuing absence of any pay award for 2018/2019 and beyond.

This issue broke yesterday evening, Patricia Quinn and I attended a briefing very late this afternoon at BSO. I was the only Joint Secretary in attendance but we were instrumental in getting them to do this briefing for TUS/staff to at least contextualise what has happened.

I would be grateful if you can circulate this as a matter of urgency to NIPSA members across the service. I contacted the media  and we may get some further coverage tomorrow morning but my reading and summary of events is as follows: