I wish to acknowledge the understandable concerns of members with regards to the ongoing delays around progressing these cases and having sought the advices of our Legal Advisers I have been advised as follows:

NIPSA’s Solicitors MTB have been continually requesting a Case Management Preliminary Hearing from the OITFET to timetable these cases to a Hearing. The OITFET has, to date, not listed a CMPH because of the consequences of Covid in creating a substantial backlog of cases at the OITFET.

NIPSA would again advise that if members have for whatever reason stopped doing sleep-ins as part of their normal working arrangements, or will not be doing sleep-ins for a period in excess of 3 months, then they need to advise NIPSA as a matter of priority as proceedings would have to be lodged on a protective basis on their behalf. It is your responsibility to confirm your current position if and when you have stopped doing sleep-ins and why.

If you have stopped sleep-ins complete the short form below with the following relevant details for further action:

Terry Thomas
Assistant Secretary (Acting)