Picket information For All Unions for Actions in Armagh, Banbridge and Craigavon Borough Council
  • Armagh Palace Demesne from 6.30am to 2pm
  • Gosford Forest Park from 7.30am to 2pm
  • Banbridge Depot from 6.45am to 9am
  • Banbridge Civic Centre/Leisure Centre from 9am to 2pm
  • Carn Depot from 6.30am to 9am then moving to South Lakes Leisure Centre
  • South Lakes Leisure Centre/Civic Centre from 9am

Members from the above are then asked to assemble at South Lakes Leisure Centre for a joint trade union demonstration – from 3pm to 4pm

Action short of strike from the 16 August 2022 for NIPSA members will take the following form:
  1. A total ban on overtime from union members
  2. Members working to their job description;
  3. Members not covering for absent colleagues for whatever reason;
  4. Working to written, agreed protocols where these exist including refuse and leisure;
  5. order to clarify (4) in particular we have prepared some examples below.

No casual overtime will be done by our members the only exception to this is the payment for safety checks on the heavier vehicles.

Members will be working to their contracts i.e. no loaders will be driving refuse or cleansing lorries.

All Members will not be transferable to other areas of work not normally carried out by them.

All Members will be returning to base or suitable council premises to toilet or to avail of welfare facilities.

Refuse staff (when not on strike action) will be lifting their Routes on a daily basis and not returning the next day to lift work that has not been collected the responsibility for this lies with council.

The principals above should apply to all Union members regardless of department. We will be working to the rules set by Council.

Members will not be dealing with any queries and issues relating to or as a result of industrial action these matters will have to be addressed by management as they are outside of their remit to resolve and not part of their normal duties.