At last clarification from Premiere People regarding agency workers.  This has come about because of daily and constant pressure from NIPSA.

Members please find attached to the link below the latest information, as of today, from the Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologist: Occupational Health Advice for Employers and Pregnant Women during the COVID-19 Pandemic. 

Maria Morgan
Assistant Secretary

As you will be aware earlier this week the Finance Minister advised that Agency Workers in the NICS would be treated the same as permanent members of staff regarding the issue of pay, special leave and the arrangements in place for staff in relation to Covid-19.

I have just received confirmation from DfC management regarding cleaning and materials in DfC offices.

Firstly all sites should now have both morning and afternoon cleans.

A short report on the outcomes from the teleconference we had with management his morning.

Social Distancing

You will have seen the media over the last 24 hours, including press statements from NIPSA, in relation to the absolute need to social distance in work.

I have received commitments from management that all workplaces have been instructed to ensure social distancing and staff are to be sent home if accommodation cannot be found that will allow staff to be at least 2 metres part.

It is therefore essential that social distancing is enforced in all workplaces and please contact me if it is not.

NIPSA, Northern Ireland’s leading public service union, has today condemned the Department for Communities for not put necessary social distancing measures in place to protect its staff despite commitments given by Government and Ministers.