Members please find correspondence (links below) received from the Education Authority on 9 July 2020 and 27 July 2020.

The initial letter followed a meeting with the EA on 6 July 2020 which had been arranged to discuss the plans for Summer Provision (Special Schools).

At this meeting, management were asked about the payment arrangements for staff volunteering to participate in the 21 schemes operating across the region; it was confirmed that staff would receive their normal pay and in addition to this, would also receive the summer scheme rate for the duration of the programme including preparation time. I requested that management confirm this in writing, and they did so by letter dated 09 July 2020.

On 27 July 2020, a second letter was issued by the EA retracting the commitments made and agreed in their earlier correspondence. This is completely unacceptable to NIPSA. We expect the employer to honour the commitments made to staff. This attempt to undermine our negotiating arrangements does not bode well for future industrial relations and harms the very integrity on which they operate.

It is important this bulletin and attachments are widely shared so that members fully understand what happened and that they are encouraged to lodge grievances against the EA. I will issue further guidance on how best to proceed in due course.

Alan Law
Assistant Secretary (Acting)
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