Further to my article (11 June 2020), please find links below two JNC Circulars 53 and 53 Addendum 1.

I wish to draw to your attention to Annex A, paragraph 6, from Circular 53 dated 12 March 2001 which states:

“Apart from the first year of operation it is agreed that schools and/or Boards should consult with staff before the end of April each year on any potential requirements to undertake duties and/or training during the months of July or August.”

NIPSA has repeatedly reminded the Education Authority (EA) that this has not happened and that, as a result, staff do not need to be available for work during July and August because this was not requested before April.

NIPSA continues to engage with the EA on the issues arising from the operation of Circular 53 to ensure that staff covered by this agreement are treated in accordance with its provisions.

I will issue updates as soon as more information becomes available.

Alan Law
Assistant Secretary (Acting)