I wanted to give you an update on Covid Risk Assessments for each DfC building that have begun this morning.

As you will know, Dept TUS have been working with senior management to agree Guiding Principles for Covid Risk Assessments as well as a risk assessment checklist and risk assessment template. This has now been agreed.

Next steps will be that each DfC building will be risk assessed under the new guidance. This process is beginning this morning with risk assessments in Castle Court and Carlisle House while Dungannon JBO will be risk assessed tomorrow. NIPSA trained risk assessors will accompany management in the risk assessment process and once a final report is agreed, this will be shared with all staff.

Further risk assessments will take place next week in the following offices and NIPSA risk assessors will be present.

Monday 15 June: Lurgan JBO, Magherafelt JBO & Newry JBO

Tuesday 16 June: Andersonstown JBO & Antrim JBO

Wednesday 17 June: Cookstown Job Centre, Falls Road JBO, Foyle JBO, Lisnagelvin JBO & Portadown JBO

Thursday 18 June: Great Northern Tower

If you are in work on these dates, please take an active part in the risk assessment process as assessors move around the building giving your thoughts on the health, safety and welfare concerns you have and how working during Covid has affected you in work and out of work. Management and TUS will also be looking at how we jointly engage with those staff at home, whether working or not.

As I have stated, a final report on the building will be drafted and agreed with NIPSA and this will be shared with all staff. This report will set out the work already completed, work still to be actioned, floor plans of where staff will sit safely while in work and maximum staffing numbers so as to ensure members are as safe as they can be when in work.

We have no confirmed dates for other offices/buildings as yet but I would ask local safety reps or members of the local TUS to make contact with me to volunteer to complete risk assessments for their building.

Further information will be shared with members as reports are completed.

Dooley Harte
Assistant Secretary