Covid 19 Testing to be Extended to all Key Workers Self-isolating

You will have received correspondence from management about the extension of the Covid 19 testing programme to cover DfC but only those self-isolating. Under guidance from the Coronavirus National Testing Programme, testing has now been extended for key workers but only to those staff or their family that have Covid19 symptoms and are self-isolating. While this is welcome, I have written to DfC management to seek that the scheme is extended.

I have requested that those staff who live with a vulnerable person or have childcare responsibilities must be afforded tests as a matter of priority. And testing must be extended to all DfC staff and their families as quickly as possible.

NIPSA members in DfC are being asked to put themselves at increased risk by attending work to process benefit for some of the most vulnerable in our communities and therefore must be supported in work by having the opportunity to be tested. I hope we can extend the scheme for all staff as soon as possible.

Dooley Harte
Assistant Secretary