NIPSA wishes to highlight to our members that as a priority we are taking forward Covid-19 Testing and PPE across all forums. Further to a meeting of the NIC ICTU this morning.

Alison Millar, NIPSA General Secretary, stated:

“The tripartite forum set up between the Trade Unions, Business and Government will meet this afternoon when the Trade Unions will set out as a priority the issue of Testing and PPE across the NI workforce, particularly in the HSC sector. A key issue is the production and supply of Testing and PPE. We plan to call on Ministers to scope the capacity of NI businesses to repurpose and produce essential equipment to address shortages”.

Maria Morgan, NIPSA Health Official, stated:

“NIPSA and the Health Trade Unions have consistently raised these issues with The Health Minister, the Department of Health and Trust employers. At all levels within NIPSA we understand that we must make demands to protect our members working across Hospital and Community services. We will not compromise the workforce on fundamental Health and Safety issues and we will make sure workers are safe and appropriate PPE and Testing available”.