At last clarification from Premiere People regarding agency workers.  This has come about because of daily and constant pressure from NIPSA.

Please see below transcript of a memo (pdf of original version from the link at the bottom of the page) from Premiere to agency workers that went this evening. The NICS hub FAQs have also been updated to include agency workers.

There are likely to be cases where people have received SSP only so far and may do so again tomorrow - we have told Premiere to ensure they receive outstanding back pay asap, next week if possible.

I'm aware of advice also issued this afternoon that indicates AWs will be covered by the 80% government support. You may have seen it but - I will forward that to you now as it may be of interest to agency workers in other sectors.

Alison Millar
General Secretary

Dear Temporary Worker

Following the announcement from the finance minister on Monday 23rd March on the introduction of Enhanced Arrangements for Agency Workers during the current situation with Covid 19 we are writing to provide some clarification on how this will affect you and your pay.

Under these new enhanced measures, NICS agency workers will be entitled to enhanced sick pay and special leave arrangements backdated with effect from 13 March as follows:

The measures include:

  • the extension of full pay, equivalent to Occupational Sick Pay, for two weeks if ill or self-isolating; (If you have already submitted an SSP form to Premiere please get in touch with your Premiere Account Manager who will advise you of next steps)
  • payment of Statutory Sick Pay for any further period(s) of sickness absence/self-isolation
  • the facility to access special leave in order to make alternative childcare arrangements;
  • continued payment if a building is closed and alternative working arrangements cannot be found by either the hirer or the recruitment agency;

These measures will apply to agency staff on assignment in NICS, Non Departmental Public Bodies, and the Education Authority.

Please note, Premiere must be in receipt of an approved timesheet prior to the payroll deadline which is 3pm on a Friday to ensure payment for the following week. A timesheet is needed for ALL HOURS which are to be paid, this includes the period of paid self isolation and for hours which are to be paid if the building you are placed on assignment in closes. If remote working makes it impossible for a timesheet to be completed please speak to your Account Manager within Premiere who will be able to suggest alternative options which may be used during this time.