Despite the assurances given by the Finance Minister and the communication yesterday from HOCS further issues continue to arise regarding agency workers and particularly what the agencies are saying to their workers.

I am very clear the commitment given to NIPSA by the Minister and HOCS was that Agency Workers would be treated exactly the same as permanent members of staff. It appears that at least some of the Agencies (Premiere People for one) is communicating a different message to Agency Workers indicating they will not be paid or will need to submit fit notes and only get paid SSP.

I have raised this issue this afternoon with Senior Management and they are writing to the various Agencies to clarify the position to ensure no Agency Worker is treated any less favourably than any other employee.

I appreciate that this is a worrying time for all workers. Where you can please communicate this message to members, direct them to the NIPSA website and social media. Further updates will be issued in due course.

Alison Millar
General Secretary