NIPSA has been engaged in discussion with officials from the Education Authority and Department of Education to continue to evaluate the arrangements in place to provide childcare in schools for key workers. The contribution of NIPSA members to support this response to the Covid19 health emergency has been phenomenal.

As part of our continuing dialogue with the Department of Education and Education Authority we have been examining the demand for childcare in schools and note that most


have been able to make alternative arrangements. This has always been the preferred option. We are reviewing the uptake across the sector with a view to encouraging more schools to close and to centralise the support for parents in hub schools across the region.

On Monday 23 March 1446 pupils arrived for childcare in school, across 519 schools, the overwhelming majority in the primary school age group. They were supported by over 6,200 teaching and non-teaching staff. Staff across the sector should be very proud of their contribution and I would request your continued support and patience while plans are developed to reduce the number of schools offering childcare support.

If your school is closed or has no pupils requiring childcare, then you do not need to report for work but should keep in touch with your line management in the normal way. If you have any queries please contact your NIPSA Branch Secretary/Representative or 028 7137 4977 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The Education Authority will also be sharing updated information in the usual way.

Alan Law
Assistant Secretary (Acting)