The extent, cost and rights of agency workers deployed across the public services was debated at NIPSA’s Annual Delegate Conference today. NIPSA General Secretary, Alison Millar, commented:

“NIPSA has continued to highlight how, as our members struggle through almost a decade of austerity during which we are told “there is no money”, tens of millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money continues to be paid to private sector employment agencies. This overpriced “sticking plaster” fails to deal with the real crises in our public services – low pay, staff shortages and job insecurity. These flow from a consistent failure of central and devolved governments to undertake the appropriate long-term approach to planning and investment.

Calling for Investment in Public Services

NIPSA delegates will gather in Derry-Londonderry this week to debate motions and set Conference policy for the year ahead. There will be debates on a wide range of issues from the crisis in our public services, housing/homelessness, the petition of concern, welfare cuts, shared services and equality and human rights issues.

New Article 

As members will be aware NIPSA has lodged the following pay claim with the NICS:

  1. As members will be aware NIPSA has lodged the following pay claim with the NICS:
  2. A 5% increase on all points of all pay scales including the maximum points;
  3. A 5% increase on all allowances; Further scale shortening on all pay scales;
  4. Address the issue of the AA/AO single grade;
  5. Explore the issue of a single EOII/EOI grade which would be the subject of a separate consultation with members in both grades.

As members are well aware across all areas in which NIPSA organise members have suffered pay freezes and minimal pay increases since 2010. This has been driven by the Government’s pay cap which has been imposed on public sector workers since 2010. As a result members have received below inflation pay increases, cuts to take home pay by increases in public sector pensions and national insurance contributions. NIPSA has many members who report having to take second jobs – if they are available just to make ends meet.

Further Regional Meetings Planned

A number of further regional meetings have been organised to keep members informed and updated on progress. The details of the additional regional meetings are as follows: