Calling for Investment in Public Services

NIPSA delegates will gather in Derry-Londonderry this week to debate motions and set Conference policy for the year ahead. There will be debates on a wide range of issues from the crisis in our public services, housing/homelessness, the petition of concern, welfare cuts, shared services and equality and human rights issues.

Alison Millar, NIPSA General Secretary, stated:

“At a time when we have no Assembly our public services are in crisis, there is a sharp rise in the number of agency workers delivering public services who are in precarious employment. Public sector workers continue to be at the sharp end of austerity with below inflation pay increases and yet the pressure on them to deliver has never been higher. We are experiencing cuts to our health service – in the 70th anniversary of the health service – we must respond and ensure that we challenge both our local political parties and Westminster government to fully fund the health service. So that from the cradle to the grave we have a health service we can rely. It is a disgrace in 2018 that we have members who have to rely on in work benefits to make ends meet. It is time for our members to receive a decent above inflation pay increase so that public servants are taken out of the benefit system and can afford to live and provide for their families.”