Not one but two reports published today make recommendations to further increase the age at which the state pension can be drawn. In addition recommendations are also made to bring forward previously announced changes to the State Pension Age.

The first report: Independent Review of the State Pension Age Smoothing the Transition was commissioned by Parliament and taken forward by John Cridland.

NIPSA responded to the interim report and raised matters with him directly when he and his review team visited Northern Ireland. The NIPSA response is on the NIPSA website.

The second report: DWP Periodic Review of the Rules about State Pension Age: GAD report this was carried out by the Government Actuary: Department (GAD).

Both reports recommendations are unacceptable as they both seek to further increase the State Pension Age to 68 and beyond, as well as seeking to bring forward the previously announced increase to age 68.

The GAD report is by far the more draconian and has clearly been driven by hawks in the Treasury, it recommends bringing forward age 68 by sixteen years and a retirement age of 70 by 2054.

I am attaching a copy of the NIPSA Press Release, issued today. NIPSA will be examining both reports in detail and taking forward our opposition to all of the proposals. Members should be aware that this is not just about State Pension Age but also your occupational pension age, as the 2015 reforms to public service pension schemes linked normal retirement age to State Pension Age unless members were covered by the protections which expire on 31st March 2022.

Bumper Graham

Deputy General Secretary