Civil Service Members

Strong trade union action has forced politicians to give more money for pay and staffing in health and social care. But so far, workers in the civil service and its ALBs have not been mentioned. We need to send a clear message that we will not be left behind.

We have endured almost a decade of pay cuts. We demand a change in the new decade ahead. Our message to the politicians in Westminster and Stormont is simple

  • Fair pay for civil servants
  • No more pay cuts
  • Hands off our terms and conditions.

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Carmel Gates
Deputy General Secretary
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Further to the article posted 14 January Civil Servants Will Not Be Left Behind - One Day Strike on 24 January 2020 I can confirm NIPSA has secured a meeting with the Finance Minister, Conor Murphy on Wednesday 22 January 2020.

This will be an important meeting and members can be assured that NIPSA will take the opportunity to put a strong case to the Minister before he takes any decisions on the pay negotiating remit he will give to his civil servants on 2019-20 pay.

Members should also be aware a pay negotiating meeting is scheduled to take place the following day - Thursday 23 January 2020.

Alison Millar
General Secretary

As members will be aware the Assembly has been restored and the "New Decade, New Approach" document has been published.  It is with great dismay that NIPSA members in the NICS and the Arms Length Bodies, who have been involved in industrial action since July 2019, were not mentioned in the document yet, the industrial disputes by health workers and teachers were front and centre in that very same document.

NIPSA has made representations to the newly appointed Finance Minister, Conor Murphy seeking an urgent meeting to ensure that Civil Servants are not left behind.  In fact the political parties are well aware that Civil Servants have been in dispute because of 10 years of pay cuts and attacks on their terms and conditions of employment.  Today NIPSA has been advised that the Finance Minister will meet with NIPSA in the coming days and this is of course welcome.  Members can be assured that we will make it clear to the Minister what it will take to resolve the dispute including the issue of pay restoration which is central to the NIPSA pay claim.  We must continue to fight to ensure that the promised money from Westminister is enough to meet all the demands.

To keep the pressure on our politicians it is essential that we send a strong message that we are serious about getting a fair deal for civil servants.  NIPSA have taken the decision to call our members in the Civil Service out on strike on 24 January along with our members in the Health Service.  This joint action will be a clear message that NIPSA members deserve fair pay and conditions but it will also allow Civil Servants to join the action in defence of the health service for safe staffing.  All health unions are proposing to take strike action alongside NIPSA on 24 January.

Trade union action has pushed the politicians to the point of recognising that they need to get back into Government and end the industrial disputes.  If they want Government back up and running, they will need the support of Civil Servants.  We will not allow Civil Servants to be left behind.

In addition to the one day strike on 24 January, selected members in the Courts Service and the Public Prosecution Service will be taking selective action throughout the month of February.  Further details will follow on the detail of this action.

Show your solid support for this action to push for a decent pay increase for us all.  It is imperative that all members join the strike action on 24 January to send a strong and clear message to the Minister, the Executive and the Assembly that Civil Servants will not be left behind.

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Alison Millar
General Secretary


Dear Alison

On behalf of PCS I extend the union’s solidarity with our sister union NIPSA for taking more strike action today over pay and conditions. Following the suspension of the Northern Ireland assembly, civil servants have been working as hard as possible to keep government functioning. However instead of being rewarded, they have been taken for granted and forced into continuing their industrial action campaign. The entire trade union movement needs to get behind this strike and help ensure NIPSA members get a just settlement.


Mark Serwotka,
General Secretary, PCS.
Fran Heathcote,
President, PCS.

The Department of Finance has today published the 2019/20 Pay Remit for public sector workers. The announcement of a one per cent increase, with anything above that coming out of departmental efficiency savings, means that the austerity agenda continues with no change to pay policy for 2019/20. Effectively this means that public sector workers whether they be civil servants, heath workers or education workers etc will have their pay increase capped at a below inflation level for the tenth year in a row. This is totally unacceptable.
NIPSA General Secretary, Alison Millar, stated:

“Members in the NICS are currently engaged in industrial action on the issue of pay, terms and conditions and our members in the Health Service will be receiving their ballot papers next week on the issue of pay and safe staffing levels. I am sure this will anger members and strengthen their resolve to fight for decent pay and fair increase.
This is totally unacceptable and does not auger well for industrial relations across the public sector. This is another slap in the face for hard working civil and public servants who have continued to deliver vital public services in the absence of the NI Assembly.
The decision to continue with austerity measures is a political choice rather than an economic necessity. NIPSA will consider carefully our next steps, in consultation with our members, but members can be assured we will be using the General Election as an opportunity to challenge candidates standing in that election about what they will do to ensure that public sector workers get a fair and decent pay increase.”
NIPSA is also raising this matter directly with the NI Select Committee at Westminster.

On behalf of NIPSA’s Civil Service Executive Committee I want to put on record thanks for all the work put into today’s strike action. The campaign goes on and each and every NIPSA Representative will have a key role to play in motivating members for further action and engagement in pursuit of both a decent pay increase and attacks on terms and conditions of employment.

We are making some small steps forward in the campaign and it is important that we keep up the pressure on management to ensure that we can secure a just and fair outcome for every NIPSA member.

Keep up the good work.

Alison Millar
General Secretary