The Civil Service Executive Committee has given consideration to the content of the NICS Pay Claim for 2019-20.  This is against the backdrop of the imposed/disputed pay imposition for 2018-19 of 1.25%.  Members are also aware as part of the current industrial action on pay, terms and conditions NIPSA is demanding the re-opening of the 2018-19 pay negotiations.

 The Civil Service Executive Committee now wish to consult on the key elements of the 2019-20 pay claim as follows:

 An above inflation pay increase on both pay and allowances

  • Pay restoration to address pay loss since 2010 and
  • Further scale shortening for all scales from AA to Grade 6

The Civil Service Executive Committee believe we must seek a substantial above inflation increase in rates of pay and seek an additional amount to address the loss of pay since 2010 (i.e. pay restoration).

Projected rates of inflation for 2019-20 are circa 2%, however with Brexit looming it is unclear what this would mean for the UK economy as a whole and more importantly for Northern Ireland.

Members continue to report that they are continuing to struggle to make ends meet with the rising costs of household bills including gas, electricity, rent, mortgages and rates increasing at a much higher rate than a 1.25% pay increase.

With Brexit (with or without a deal) appearing to be forced through the implications of this will be grave for all workers and the potential impact on the economy.

Members at all levels deserve a decent pay increase – which is fair.  It is not fair (as Department of Finance put out in the media) that some members have to:

  • Rely on family and friends
  • Rely on pay day loans and credit cards

 to make ends meet and cannot afford family ‘treats’ such as a trip over the summer or a summer holiday.

It is clear we must continue with the message that “I am worth it”.  Members do not believe they are valued and this was demonstrated in the last staff survey.  The Civil Service Group Executive Committee are giving a clear message that our members are worth a decent pay increase and we will continue the fight to ensure that this is delivered.  No longer can our members have meagre pay increases imposed – they all deserve much more.  The Civil Service Executive Committee are committed to engaging not just on the pay claim but on a strategy to drive home a decent increase for all members.

Pay Restoration 

Since 2010 members have received either a zero % increase or a below inflation increase.  This year’s pay claim strives to address the pay losses members have borne over the last 9 years. 

When the Tory Prime Minister (Theresa May) said at the Tory Party Conference in September 2018 that austerity was over – well austerity is not over for NI Civil Servants.  In the last two weeks Theresa May’s last statement concluded there would be more money for public servants including police, soldiers, teachers and other school staff and senior civil servants.  No mention for civil servants other than SCS.  This does not bode well for civil servants in Great Britain or the NI Civil Service.  Again it appears that it is believed civil servants are not worth a decent pay increase.

Public Sector Pay Policy

Last year the Department of Finance, Permanent Secretary, Sue Gray set the NI Public Sector Pay Policy without any consultation with NIPSA or the wider Trade Union Movement.  NIC-ICTU have requested a meeting with Ms Gray and that meeting will take place in early September.

Continuing Campaign

NIPSA’s Civil Service Executive Committee are committed to continue the campaign including the ongoing industrial action strategy to seek to deliver a real and meaningful increase for all civil servants.  The 2019-20 claim will be supported by members engaging in the industrial action in support of your pay, terms and conditions.

Next Steps

It is now vitally important that every Branch holds a branch consultation meeting to consider the draft NIPSA claim set out in this bulletin.  A speaker for your branch meeting can be organised by contacting either This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  In the past not all branches have had a branch meeting.  The Civil Service Executive Committee is strongly recommending that all branches have a branch meeting with a speaker to discuss not just the claim but a strategy to deliver a positive outcome for members.

In order to ensure that all members and branches have the opportunity to respond to the consultation and in recognition that we are in the summer period the consultation will run until 2 pm on 6 September 2019.  The Civil Service Executive Committee will meet on Monday 9 September 2019 to consider the consultation responses.   Please now make arrangements for your branch consultation meeting.

Alison Millar
General Secretary