I am a part-time EO1. I went part-time on return from my last maternity leave, to avoid paying for childcare but, now that they're older, I have been unable to increase my hours in a suitable location. Most of the clothes I buy for myself and my children are second-hand and most of my furniture is from charity shops. I can barely afford a hair cut, never mind a social life. I never go for pub lunches with colleagues, as I don't have enough spare cash. My house needs significant repair work and I can't afford that. It's years since my current account was in the black and I owe more than a year's salary in overdraft, loans and credit card debt, with no realistic expectation of ever getting out of spiralling debt. My husband is an EOII equivalent grade and without him working a ridiculous amount of overtime, we would struggle just to pay utility bills and buy food, but we still can't afford a holiday. The whole situation is depressing.