I am an AO in the Civil Service. I am a single parent and work 30 hours per week.

Currently my childcare is £250 every 4 weeks for my one child for just a few hours every week and my rent is £550 a month.

Because I choose to work I am above the earning threshold for a lot of the government assistance/benefits and I get the lower rate of tax credits.

I have mental health problems which are exacerbated by the fact that I spend a fair bit of time worrying about money and where I will get the money to eat for the next week or to stop the electric alarm going off. I rely heavily on the goodness of friends and family to help support me.

I love my job and was lucky enough to be successful in the EOII promotion boards however I was interviewed almost a year ago and have still not been placed.

I feel that my employer does not value the work I do or the effort my colleagues and I put in. This was reflected in another despicable pay offer. I have checked with the local supermarkets and I could work shifts for them and be earning more than what I am now. The difference is in a supermarket I would be stacking shelves – In my current Civil Service role I am dealing with vulnerable and sometimes suicidal customers. A move out of the public sector is something I am now having to consider.

I would urge all members to join us on the 26th July to show our employer: We Want More, We Need More, We Deserve More.