• Over the last 10 years your pay has been eroded by between 15% and 20%;
  • Your promotion opportunities have been cut by the externalisation of the SO and DP competition and there is more of the same to come;
  • Many civil servants now rely on second jobs and working tax credits to make ends meet;
  • The majority of civil servants earn below the NI average wage and 66% earn less than the UK average wage;
  • You are being asked to take on more line management responsibility for sick absence management, grievance and discipline.
If we don’t fight back now it will become even worse

Of course, civil servants like other workers cannot afford to strike but the money lost in a strike day is nothing compared to what we will all lose if we don’t make a stand now.
No one wants to be on strike but every worker who crosses a picket line weakens our action and strengthens the employer for further attacks on our terms and conditions.
Remember NIPSA members voted by 68.5% for strike action. We would ask you to recognise the democratic mandate.

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