Health and Social Care Trade Unions are issuing this joint-members' update today having met and discussed yesterday's announcement by the UK Government of a derisory 3% pay offer in Health, and the understandable and immediate reaction by workers on the ground who feel insulted at an announcement lacking any detail as Parliament enters summer recess.

HSC staff across the system in Northern Ireland have waited too long for a pay increase that reflects their work and sacrifices, and for the last 18 months most notably through the Covid-19 Pandemic.

After years of lagging pay, ongoing vacancy problems and ever-decreasing morale, this is an affront to workers, especially as it is scant movement from the 1% mentioned just months before.

Joint Trade Unions fully expect that this won't shift the current trajectory of the service continuing to struggle on its knees trying to care for its patients and service users with a chronic lack of resources and undervalued staff. Joint Trade Unions will be seeking urgently engagement with the Health Minister and his officials to determine their views on how this impacts HSC staff here, what finances are being tabled to back it up, and how best to proceed in light of this 11th hour announcement.

Anne Speed: Lead Joint Secretary, UNISON  Dolores McCormick: Interim Joint Secretary, RCN
Maria Morgan: Joint Secretary, NIPSA  Kevin McAdam, Trade Union Chair, Unite