You may be aware that the Government has this evening offered a 3% pay rise to NHS staff in England. The offer of 3% does not address the NIPSA claim of 15% or £3,000, nor does it meet the claims of the other Health Trade Unions. It does not meet the expectation of NIPSA members who have worked in extremely difficult circumstances over the past year with chronic staff shortages and in a pandemic. We demand Fair Pay.

To add insult, this offer comes at the same time as the Department of Health (DOH) plans to reinstate Car Parking Charges, which we view as a pay cut for members who must pay to park at their work to do their jobs. This is part of the overall NIPSA pay campaign and the Health Unions have already written to the DOH about it, including asking at the very least for an extension with the ultimate aim for permanent removal of the charges.

NIPSA with the joint Health Trade Unions will ask for an urgent meeting with the Health Minister to find out how the NI Executive will react to this inadequate offer. The NIPSA Health Panel will also meet. Further detail will follow as soon as possible.

Maria Morgan
Assistant Secretary