I am writing to you on the above and further to my previous bulletin dated Friday 28 May 2021 as we are now aware that the Department of Health (DOH) did not agree to the extension sought by the Trusts and DLS to the MCA implementation date of 31 May 2021. You will be aware that the employers had cited significant concerns including training issues and chronic staffing shortages as reasons for seeking the delay.

To discuss options for the way forward to best protect our members the NIPSA Health Central Panel had a special meeting on Tuesday 1 June, on Wednesday 2 June Health Trade Unions met with the Trust employers and MCA Leads who told us that they had been further engaged this week with DOH to look at Emergency Provisions to protect from liability.

Health Trade Unions have now received a policy paper on that and we will urgently consider to assess if their effect will be helpful and we have a further date to meet the employers again on Monday 7 June 2021, to discuss all issues and where we will raise the existing staffing shortages and training issues as it is important that our members have the ability to implement this new legislation safely. The Health Central Panel will meet again next week to consider all of the information we have in the best interest of our members. Information will follow.

We appreciate that this matter is causing anxiety and stress for our members and as always please raise any concerns that you have with your Branch Secretary in order that we can ensure your issues are addressed.

Maria Morgan
Assistant Secretary