Members will be aware that NIPSA balloted our members on Pay and Safe Staffing. The result of that ballot provided the mandate for our successful strike action on the 18 December 2019 and the action short of strike action that has been ongoing from 19 December 2019.


You will know that the offer that has been proposed is pay parity with England. The NIPSA Health Central Panel have assessed that while the current offer contains very positive elements for some members, it proposes below inflation pay rises in 2020/21 for all staff who are at the top of their pay bands. The majority of health service workers and NIPSA members are on these pay points. Therefore this pay award fails to address retention issues in the HSC. The NIPSA Health Central Panel after taking full account of the information available to us have taken the decision that is not acceptable and on that basis we are recommending rejection of the offer.

To allow you to have your say, the Health Central Panel has decided to hold a workplace pay ballot in all areas across the HSC. Your Branch Secretary will provide the details of the meeting times and locations and we would ask that you make every effort to attend the meetings to have your say in the ballot and to get information on the detail. We would strongly encourage you to visit the Pay Calculator on the DOH website at so you can see how the offer would be applied to you.

Safe Staffing

The Health Central Panel have assessed the proposal contained in the Ministers documentation that has previously been issued to you and we see no substantial detail for our membership. On that basis it has been decided that we will not ballot on safe staffing. NIPSA is engaged in action short of strike action that is ongoing across the wider health membership from 19 December 2019. That action is regarded as effective and we thank our members for their ongoing support. From 3 January 2020 there has been targeted sectoral action focused in Social Work and Social Care and that action is due to further escalate later this month and into March 2020. It is the view of the NIPSA Health Central Panel that specific focused action will secure significant progress to our safe staffing demands for those areas that we have identified as having the most acute staffing issues.

You have been previously notified that NIPSA had been in correspondence with the DOH to establish the factual position in relation to questions that had been raised with us. Please click here for their response for your information and consideration.

Can I please ask that you attend the workplace meetings in your Branches to have your say in the ballot and get the updates that NIPSA will provide for moving forward.

Maria Morgan
Assistant Secretary