Members below transcript of a letter to Mr Robin Swann, Minister for Health from NIPSA Assistant Secretary Maria Morgan on behalf of the NIPSA Central Health Panel.

Members below a transcript of a letter to Mr Robin Swann MLA, Minister for Health from Maria Morgan, Assistant Secretary, on behalf of NIPSA Health Central Panel.

NIPSA’s Health Panel met on Wednesday 10th March 2020, with a two item agenda. Firstly, to consider a written letter to NIPSA from the Department of Health (DOH) on safe staffing issues, and secondly to consider the escalating public concerns and current responses from the DOH and Health Trust’s to deal with the coronavirus (COVID-19).

The NIPSA Health Central Panel met yesterday to consider the results of the Pay Ballot consultation process across our HSC Branches. The overall result is as follows:

80% voted to Reject

20% voted to Accept

Whilst the majority of our members have voted to reject the Pay Offer, you will be aware that the Employer issued notice last week to inform all staff that the majority of Trade Unions have now signed up to the deal and monies owed will be paid to all staff in March 2020 salaries.

That was disappointing for NIPSA as we had not completed our democratic Consultation Process. It is our view, for now, NIPSA solely cannot continue to campaign on Pay, particularly as the pay agreement will now be implemented from this month.

We thank all of our members for their support in the Pay element of our campaign to date and the Safe Staffing dispute continues and more information on that will follow. Please contact your Branch Secretary with any queries that you have in relation to this bulletin.

Maria Morgan
Assistant Secretary

NIPSA has become aware that the Employer has issued notice to inform staff that the pay offer will be implemented in March 2020 salaries.

Whilst we appreciate that members will be waiting for monies owed, it is deeply disappointing that this notice issued before NIPSA had finished our Consultation Ballot process.

The NIPSA Health Central Panel will meet on Tuesday 3 March to discuss the consultation responses and all matters relating to the dispute.

Should you have any queries please contact your Branch Secretary who can address any concerns.

Maria Morgan
Assistant Secretary

You will be aware that a number of Trade Unions have announced their acceptance of the Minister of Health’s offer on Pay and Safe Staffing. As previously advised, NIPSA is currently holding workplace pay ballots across the HSC to allow our members to have their say on Pay. That process will be completed by the end of this week. The NIPSA Health Central Panel will meet early next week to consider the outcome of the ballot process when we will then inform our members of the outcome.

In relation to Safe Staffing the Health Central Panel assessed the proposal and did not see that it provided substantial detail for our members. Therefore, it was decided that we would not ballot our members on safe staffing. NIPSA is engaged in effective action short of strike action that is ongoing across the HSC membership and targeted sectoral action across Social Work and Social Care continues to escalate. It is our view that specific focused action can secure significant progress to our safe staffing demands for those areas that we have identified as having the most acute staffing issues and this will continue.

If you have any queries about the Pay ballot or Safe Staffing action, please contact your Branch Secretary immediately

Maria Morgan
Assistant Secretary