The Housing Crisis is about much more than reclassification of Housing Associations asserts Paddy Mackel from NIPSA. He was responding to a BBC news item which in its headline suggests that “Northern Ireland could face housing shortage”.

Housing Stock Transfer vote – another resounding victory for residents and NIPSA in the fight to keep housing public as residents overwhelming vote No, by a massive 88%, rejecting attempts to transfer their homes to a housing association.

The Department for Communities (DfC) was dealt what is likely to be a fatal blow to its obsession with transferring Northern Ireland Housing Executive homes to Housing Associations, which are not accountable to the general public, government Ministers or the Assembly.

Housing Executive Small Scale Voluntary Stock Transfer Programme - Ballee Estate Offer Document for NIHE Tenants - Some Points To Consider When Reading the Ballee Estate Offer Document.

NIPSA’s Annual Delegate Conference which will take place between Wednesday 30th May and Friday 1st June 2018 in the Millennium Forum in Derry will debate an important motion on Housing.

In advance of the Conference, Paddy Mackel, NIPSA Official with responsibility for Housing matters said: