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2017 NI Civil Service Pay Claim

10 July 2017

The Civil Service Executive Committee decided that the pay claim should contain the following elements.

Executive Officer 2 Competition

22 February 2017

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Outcome of Branch Consultation

10 November 2016

The result of the branch consultation on the 2016 NI Civil Service pay offer.

2016 NI Civil Service Pay Offer

25 October 2016

The Civil Service are therefore moving to consult members on the pay offer.

NICS - Promotion Competitions

13 October 2016

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2016 NI Civil Service Pay

02 September 2016

NIPSA met with the Management Side yesterday to commence negotiations on the pay claim.

2016 NI Civil Service Pay Claim

20 July 2016

The pay claim has now been submitted to the NI Civil Service Management Side.

Fight For Equal Pay Goes On

22 June 2016

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Embargo on NICS Recruitment and Substantive Promotion Lifted

05 April 2016

NIPSA has sought a meeting to clarify the issues that this raises.

Access To NICS Equal Pay Settlement

27 January 2016

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