NIPSA Response To The Allocation Of Additional Funds

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12 October 2017

NIPSA, the largest public sector trade union in Northern Ireland responds to today’s announcement regarding the reallocation of £54m of additional funds to some areas of the public sector.

Alison Millar, NIPSA General Secretary stated:-

“While any additional money for public services is always welcome it is important to note that this is not new or additional money – but recycled money.  The additional £40m to Health will go some way to address the recent consultation on cuts to Health spending of £70m, however this leaves the Health Service still short of £30m before the inevitable ‘winter pressures’.  It is a disgrace that if the Departments were aware that some money was likely to become available in October that the consultation to reduce the Health budgets by £70m, was as expected a total sham. This left many very vulnerable people very worried about their futures and what it would mean for them and their families.  In some cases this worry has been unnecessary.  However does this mean that the consultation which just closed last Thursday will be binned and will Trusts have to now consult the public again?  This is a total sham and again a further waste of precious public funds.

The £10m reallocated Education will not go anywhere near what is needed to address the crumbling education system with again vulnerable children not getting the support they so desperately need to ensure they get the best start in life.”

The ongoing cuts to public services means that services are being denied to the elderly, the sick, the disabled, our children in the meantime we do not have a political administration.  This is not acceptable and civil servants are being required to take decisions which are rightfully and appropriate supposed to be conducted by those who were elected to govern.

NIPSA is totally opposed to these cuts and will take all necessary steps to defend our vital public services and public service jobs.


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